Ellanor C Lawrence Park Master Plan Revisions

The Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) is holding a public meeting to discuss the revision of the Ellanor C Lawrence Park Master Plan. It will be held on June 28, 2016 7 pm – 8:30 pm at the Sully Government Center.

Friends of Historic Centreville Board President Cheryl Repetti asks folks to take a look at the ECL Interpretive Plan to “get a sense of the large number of cultural resources associated with the park.”

The announcement from the FCPA reads:

Fairfax County’s demographics have changed since 1991.  The population has increased 37% between 1993 and 2015, from 818,584 residents to 1,125,385 residents.  And the county’s population is predicted to grow by another 12% by the year 2030.  Along the way, the average age of Fairfax County residents is increasing.  More and more residents are living in townhomes or multifamily buildings without the benefit of a traditional backyard for recreation.  Demographics are shifting and so are recreational preferences.  The relationship of outdoor recreation to health and wellbeing increases the demand for park space and suggests opportunities for park changes.  At the same time, some of the existing park facilities that have served the community for a long time are showing their age.  The master plan revision will allow an opportunity to examine existing facilities in light of these changes.

Several parcels have been added to the park since 1991.  Additionally, the expansion of I-66 and Route 28, as well as the planned new interchange, and poplar tree extension with new park entrance to the existing ball fields west of Route 28 will also impact the park.  The sully stewardship center is also planned for Ellanor C. Lawrence Park.  All of which will be taken into account by the new master plan revision.

In addition, Fairfax County has greatly expanded its approach to watershed management planning and the Bull Run Watershed Plan will be an important policy guide for considering lake sustainability options.  The master plan revision provides an opportunity to align the park master plan with watershed planning objectives.

Park circulation, site operational needs, access, natural resource management, history and archaeology will all be reviewed as part of the master plan revision.  Site analysis will examine ways to encourage safe bike and pedestrian routes, to and within the park, while easing vehicular movements.  Additional park land use and resource management issues and concerns identified by the public, park users and stakeholders will also be examined as part of the master plan process.

Vets, Holocaust Survivors Give Oral History Lesson to Fairfax County Students

This is a very cool example of a teacher making History relevant to their students. If you ask me programs like this should be part of the History curriculum everywhere.

From news report on Channel 4 about a program at Rocky Run Middle School:

Vets, Holocaust Survivors Give Oral History Lesson to Fairfax County Students

Some middle school students in Virginia put away their history text books on Thursday to learn directly from the people who have lived some of the world’s most historical moments.

World War II veterans, Holocaust survivors and civil rights activists visited Rocky Run Middle School in Fairfax County to sit down and talk with students.

“It’s one thing to be able to read about it, whether it’s a textbook or on the internet, and it’s certainly another thing altogether to be able to talk to the people who made that history,” said Jamie Sawatzky, a history teacher at Rocky Run Middle School.

Fifteen years ago, Sawatzky invited a veteran to share their story for his class.

Sawatzky’s “iWitness to History Day” has since grown to include more than 100 people who experienced history first-hand.



Bull Run Civil War Round Table celebrates 25th anniversary

We didn’t get this posted in time so folks could attend the celebration, but didn’t want to let pass this notable event. The Bull Run Civil War Roundtable recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary. As Round table member Jim Lewis noted for an article published in the May 31 edition of the Centre View :

“The group’s goals are to educate our members and the public about the American Civil War, preserve local historical sites and share fellowship with people having this same, common interest,” said Round Table member Jim Lewis, a historian, author, public speaker and tour guide. “I’ve been involved in it, six or seven years, and it’s an extremely vibrant group.”